Picture a world where textile waste is a thing of the past. Where old clothes, fabrics, and carpets are transformed into new resources, without the need for further extraction of crude oil. That future is closer than you think. Our innovative solutions turn landfill-bound waste into valuable resources, reducing dependency on fossil fuels and minimizing environmental impact.

Tereform's core technology utilizes earth-abundant metal catalysts and the oxygen in air to deconstruct waste plastics. The process can tolerate mixed inputs while generating easy-to-separate product outputs. Current progress is centered on scale-up efforts and validation of the system on a variety of post-consumer materials.

The Tereform team is developing novel molecular deconstruction processes to transform waste materials, including end-of-life garmets, into pristine chemical building blocks. These products can then be used to rebuild the plastics they are derived from to enable circularity, circumventing the need for oil-based aromatics.

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